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Our year in review.


​Continental Clinical Solutions has embarked on a dynamic journey, marked by common health problems in a constantly evolving landscape of interactions between patient, science and technology.  As we continue to meet our goals and raise our standards, we also reaffirm our corporate commitment. 

Our commitment is to increase the value Continental brings to our sponsors' clinical trials by pursuing innovation in patient recruiting and data management that produce tangible results.  The tangibility of these results is not financial. Instead, we gauge results by healthy outcomes for our patients, quality outcomes for our partner sponsors and an irrefutable contribution to the advancement of science.  

Fortunately, the Maryland technology corridors have afforded Continental unparalleled access to both start-up and stalwart biotechnology companies that have contributed remote monitoring and advanced biometric devices that make study participation easier for patients and data collection cleaner for sponsors. Our current local partnerships have yielded wearable  technology and custom SMS applications-- just a few examples validating our choice to make Baltimore, Maryland our mid-Atlantic headquarters. 

 As we have always said, Continental was founded with the idea of reducing patient disparities in clinical trials.  To that end, Continental  has targeted studies that impact disparate patient populations. From diabetes, asthma and cancer to women's health vaccines, 2014 has been a year of laser-like focus for Continental's study and recruitment staff. While many study outcomes are a long time in the making, Continental is comfortable that its diversity in recruitment and discriminating participation in studies constitute contribution to the advancement of science.  

 As we move forward, Continental will reassess, recalibrate and remain committed to our patients, business partners and science.


     Saleh Stevens
     Chief Executive Officer
     Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

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