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Creating Partnerships that Make a Difference

Continental enters into relationships for two reasons: to deliver new therapies and change people’s lives for the better.

We begin with working as a seemless development unit dedicated to creating quality data, helpful to quality community health.

Our partnerships include industry, academia and joint partnerships.  Continental has served as site-level research facility, study manager, recruitment arm and product development partner in its short existence. 


We look for parners who are equally as dynamic and focussed on successful outcomes.

Through partner organizations, Continental uses grant and corporate funding to improve access to healthcare for the underserved communities. We focus on catalyzing health delivery and social innovation, women’s and children’s health, and reducing the burden and risks assocatiated with non-communicable diseases

Continental has multiple programs that allow for interships, externiships and fellows who are looking to learn more about clinical research or are looking to bolster their hands-on understanding as scientists and researchers.

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