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At Continental, we approach research by applying advanced science, expert personnel and passion for patient care to reach solutions to serious health issues affecting people’s lives. We are innovating human research on a basis.

Over 50 Trained



At Continental, our diverse staff includes trained scientists, experienced researchers, communicators, imaging specialists, contract and regulatory experts who are located across the country. Continental is always aiming to create solutions that extend well beyond patient care and data collection, purposed to have a positive impact on community and individual health.

About Continental

A Research-driven Biopharmaceutical Company

We’re a company that takes on the toughest health challenges. But we do more than just treat diseases. We’re meeting the health needs of people and societies around the globe.

We Are in Search of Solutions

Working Together to Make a Difference

Community-based research and relevant interventional therapies are the pillars of our research business. Continental focuses on recruiting the right patients, discovering the right treatments, identifying and delivering drugs in therapeutic areas where we know our patients need them. This includes Immunology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Women's Health and Virology.


Our mission of making healthier communities begins with direction from our leadership. Our leaders’ vision and expertise provide guidance to our various teams, while their commitment to each individual patient drives our culture.


The Mission Does Not Change

We are focused on sustainable growth and addressing the world’s pressing health challenges. We achieve that by developing a consistent stream of innovative new medicines.

We have been recognized

We  were awarded for growth 

We are proud of the recognition we’ve received for our dedication to communities around the world.




Guiding the Way We Conduct Business

Our commitment to ethics and compliance guides each of us, every single day. Our Ethics and Compliance Program includes strong leadership, clear written standards, effective lines of communication, relevant training, accountability, forthright assessment and remediation.

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