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Continental redefines profits

2015 was another year of success for Continental.  As we enter 2016, we have accepted that Continental stands apart in measuring profits of our clinical research endeavors. At first glance, profit, as a proxy for success, is commonly defined as making money. In Continental's reality, however, that definition is incomplete. In an healthcare environment that continues to be reshaped  by significant change — from technological innovation, to new dimensions in data, to public health challenges and healthcare disparities — our idea of profit has to include measurable impact on our patient populations and their communities.  


With this in mind, Continental looked out across the the clinical research landscape in 2015 and realized there is profit in having social purpose. Weaving measurable social impact into the very fabric of our organization is a way to index ourselves to continued profit beyond future change.

Delving into social impact: Simply recruiting patients into studies falls short of our responsibility.  Focussing on studies that address common health issues in specific communities, we tailor health talks, community outreach and follow-up care for our patients to ensure continued quality of care for each individual regardless of their enrollment status.  Further, every month, we have utilized technology to have health outreach programs for developing healthier community habits.  Every week we communicate with our patient database enrollees to ensure continuity of health plans and to identify potential studies for their benefit.  Every day we fight the good fight.


To that end, 2015 has been a profitable one.  Yes, we have extended our trial capabilities, geographically and technologically, while having withstood setbacks. We have also developed a program that combines our community outreach with managing clinical research in community settings, not just our own research centers.  I firmly believe this endeavor is the foundation of a continued opportunity for collective growth in healthcare and advancement of clinical science. We lo forward to continued successes in 2016.


Saleh Stevens, CEO

Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

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