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Hot Flashes

There is help

Mental Health

A hot flash is the sudden feeling of warmth in the upper body, which is usually most intense over the face, neck and chest. Your skin might redden, as if you're blushing. A hot flash can also cause sweating. If you lose too much body heat, you might feel chilled afterward. Night sweats are hot flashes that happen at night, and they may disrupt your sleep.

Although other medical conditions can cause them, hot flashes most commonly are due to menopause — the time when menstrual periods become irregular and eventually stop. In fact, hot flashes are the most common symptom of the menopausal transition.

Common treatments include hormone therapy, prescription therapy, lifestyle changes and homeopathic remedies.


About the Study

We are currently testing  non-hormonal investigational medication for people experiencing hot flashes. 

If you are post menopausal for at least 12 months, are currently experiencing moderate to severe hot flash, and are between the ages of 40-65 years, you may be eligible to participate.

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