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Saleh Stevens assumes role as CEO at Continental Clinical Solutions, LLC

Saleh Stevens is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Continental Clinical Solutions.  Saleh is responsible for driving profitable growth and       enabling operational excellence for today and for the future in Continental's research space.  Increased efficiency, an unparalleled principal investigator network and community outreach are already hallmarks of Saleh's legacy at Continental Clinical. 

Saleh works across the company to establish clear plans, outline priorities, allocate resources and drive corporate accountability through metrics. In his previous role at Continental Saleh was responsible for developing and fortifying Continental's industry-oriented infrastructure.  A diverse set of duties fell under his job function: Counsel, Patient Recruitment, Health Technology Development, Investigator Management and Regulatory/Compliance.

Prior to joining Continental Clinical, Saleh briefly worked in private practice in Washington, DC before joining a Fortune 500 company in Philadelphia, where he led teams of accountants, attorneys, engineers and consultants in the Financial Products and Services division for almost a decade.  Of note, among many endeavors, Saleh played lead roles in the management of a $400 million subdivision multi-lender refinance package in the mid-Atlantic, the financing and completion of a $120 million Storm Water Treatment Plant in Paedergat Bay and the development of  a $52 million turnpike in Pennsylvania. Later, Saleh honed his healthcare acumen working as a consultant to a start-up research center dedicated to physiology and human performance.  

Having relinquished some board positions to better assume a greater role at Continental, Saleh remains on the Advisory Board of the House of David, a non-profit that educates and places less-skilled workers in viable employment.  He also remains active in the community, mentoring local high school and college students in their pursuit of career growth. Saleh is also on the Board of Directors for 4Zen, a software development company focussed on applications for STEM.

Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens

CEO, 2012-

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