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Sexually Transmitted Infection

Also known as a sexually transmitted disease, is an infection passed from one person to another person through sexual contact. An infection occurs when a bacteria, virus, or parasite enters and grows in or on your body. 

Many STIs have only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. When women have symptoms, they may be mistaken for something else, such as a urinary tract infection or yeast infection

Diagnosis and Interventions

Testing for STIs is also called STI screening.

STI testing can include:

Pelvic and physical exam. Your doctor looks for signs of infection, such as warts, rashes, or discharge.
Blood test. A nurse will draw some blood to test for an STI.
Urine test. You urinate (pee) into a cup. The urine is then tested for an STI.
Fluid or tissue sample. Your doctor or nurse uses a cotton swab to take fluid or discharge from an infected place on your body. The fluid is looked at under a microscope or sent to a lab for testing.


For some STIs, treatment may involve taking antibiotics by mouth or receiving a shot. For other STIs that can't be cured, like herpes or HIV and AIDS, medicines can help reduce the symptoms

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